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Networks Are Not Just For Businesses Anymore

Residential Structured Wiring

Technology is constantly evolving. With all the new audio, video, satellite, high definition technology available today, it is essential for your home to have the proper wiring. That is why the experts at Solutions Enterprises are here to help. Network your home to monitor content and when your children are using the computer. Your new residential network can help you maximize the capability of your homes devices and systems, and help them run together more efficiently. Our structured wiring systems connect your homes automation, security, audio/video, satellite, internet, and more to provide you with convenient control over your entire home environment. Contact the experts at Solutions Enterprises today to get started.

Why Should I Have a Residential Network?


Neat-Looking Environment

Organize your home with wall panels. Wires are all neatly tucked away in your walls, helping to reduce clutter.


Greater Control and Enjoyment

Unify all of your homes devices through one central point. This makes parental controls and other access restrictions more easily done.


Enhanced Flexibility

Ability to easily and quickly accommodate new changes, additions, or moves.


More Efficient

Signals are clearer and more efficient by being routed more logically.

Invest in Residential Networking with Solutions Enterprises


Take control of your home with residential networking from Solutions Enterprises. We are here to help you achieve simplicity with our residential structured wiring by connecting all devices throughout your home. At Solutions Enterprises we want to provide our customers with uninterrupted personalized services. Therefore, we operate on an appointment basis only. Call to schedule your residential network experience today.

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